Christmas In Manila Mongering Filipinas 2017

Christmas In Manila Mongering Filipinas

Christmas in Manila Mongering – Ho, ho, ho.  Merry X’mas.  I’m almost done with my Manila Philippines mongering trip.  Not gonna do too long of write up like my Cebu trip; I’ll leave it up to the professionals.  It takes time, talent and dedication.  Of which, I have very little of right now.  Way too many things going on my plate, I’m supposed to work on my “real-job-report” which I’m doing very little of, hehe.  I thought I could do it while vacationing.  NOT. NOT. NOT.  I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator.  Since I can’t work on my real job report, I’ll post naked pics, instead.


Just brief observations here and there.  First of all, its kind of slow around X’mas time. The Filipina girls tell me not as many customers because tickets fucking sky-high, yes, it is.  Luckily, I snuck into MNL right before it went out of my budget.  But forget about MNL-CEB, my final destination, ticket prices were highway robbery; P8K, P10K leading up to X’mas and even after.  Unless you want to do a 5 hr layover in Kalibo, like hell I will.


2nd of all, LaC girls are a bit nutty with their P3K ST offers upstairs.  Some will come down to P2K, but a few won’t budget from P3K.  Tis the season to be giving…. NOT.  Just say no, hehe.  Ok, I’m a cheap ass. But like I said, I rather am a cheap ass than you know what.  Unless of course if I had more money than god.  Then well, I probably won’t be in LaC, hahaha.  Nevermind.


Cabs are and always be assholes in Manila (mostly Malate).  And many times worse during Xmas.   End of discussion.   Fucking no traffic and they want P300 to go from Malate to Ermita.  One of my girls fell for it, being new to the area, they will scam their own grandma if they could…

Christmas In Manila Mongering

There weren’t a lot of talents on Xmas day, even Xmas Eve was pretty bad.  But there was no shortage of FLs.  Some nights Christmas in Manila Mongering was ho-hum-ho-hum, doldrums, but there were highs and lows.  Some surprises at LaC.  Jewels here and there scattered in Malate.  Stayed in Makati for a few days, met enough talent that I’m questioning why I always stay in Malate.  And they don’t cost any more, to tell the truth.  In fact, many were OK with P1500 to P2000 ST.  About the price of BF for Perimeter girls; of course, the uncertainty is much higher when you are dealing with FLs.  There are times I’m genuinely happy that she actually is a she when she showed up.  Things you take for granted in bars and discos, lol. Things weren’t always smooth, like a girl that looks so deliciously maganda on her profile, but for the life of me, I couldn’t make girl/guy out of him/her in person, up until she actually took off her panties I was having 2nd thoughts all the way.  “Is that pussy real?” I actually caught myself asking.  She was being a good sport about it.  Haha. It would have pissed off some girls. We all laughed about it afterward. She even intros to her more maganda friend..  Hopefully, I don’t have to check the oil stick on her.  Oh yeah, lots of missed connection, but mostly happy under the circumstances.


Made a few mistakes here and there – like buying a super-hot LaC waitress P800 of food and drinks, only to have her trying to overcharge me by P400.  After I added-up in front of her for 5th time, did she finally got the price right?  If she was blonde, I would make a bunch of blonde jokes, but she is just clever. She even told me so – knew exactly how to open my ‘secret’ pictures on my smartphone.  It was not an innocent mistake, you know, we only had 2 rice, NOT 4 rice.  I only bought her ONE drink, she put in two.  Sigh, that’ll teach me. Thought I would have got a date out of it, but it didn’t pan out.  She got the best of me that night because I let my dick do the thinking and probably won’t be the first time this trip either.  Luckily, I stamped the bleeding before it got worse.  I mean the red flags were there, lol.  Like a hammer in a china shop.  I was able to say no to her the next day (surprise) when she asked me to buy her food/drink again.  If I didn’t get that move, I should just wrap it up and go home or put on a Santa hat and give all my hard-earned money away.  Anyways, tis the season for giving.  Get scammed a little – that which can’t kill you make you stronger.  Right? Give and take.  In fact, I may have scammed a “9” to go with me.  How else would a 9 say yes to me?  I’ve don’t even dare approach most of the 9’s in disco unless, unless, well…

Christmas In Manila Mongering

While spending Christmas in Manila mongering, I had my Xmas present early, I think, 2 days before Xmas, found a very rare 9 in the discos.  Quite possibly the best looking girl I’ve ever been with in my life. It was a bitter pill to swallow though.  She was that elusive unicorn, but she never contacted me after (the best sex in my life, yes I’m still in hyperbole mode, because, well, she was the best girl I’ve ever been with).  I would have spent a whole month with her if she would just call me back.  Ok ok, this sounds nerdy, gloating about paying for a 9 in Manila.  But the thing is she never quoted me a price – I voluntarily gave her P3500 for 4 hrs. I know that’ll never happen again.  Next night, I was feeling so confident, until an 8’ish girl shot me down.  Wouldn’t even talk to me when I asked her friend (who I know very well) to do the intro. Ha.  Like I said, you win some and you lose some.  But you know, all I can say is keep trying.  You have no idea why some girls say yes and others say no.  It’s a funny system, and keeps my blood boiling; thinking on my feet all the time.  Never take anything for granted.

In Summary – Christmas In Manila Mongering

Anyways, I’m just gonna post in no particular order.  Yes detail matters, but learned enough not to put too many details to hang me.  I resized, blurred these pics first, so I’ll post her first.


Unwrapping Xmas Present #1:  Super petite Filipina spinner.  

Christmas In Manila Mongering
Christmas In Manila Mongering


She took 2 dates to unwrap.  18 and so shy.  Tells me she’s virgin (not again), but alas, no blood this time.  She said she was just trying to deter me.  Deter me by getting undressed first? Hehe.  Well, she didn’t put any resistance at all. She has a perfect cute ass.  This one (of only 3 this trip so far) did not ask for cash in advance, but I did give her a nice 2 blue bill present.  Took her time.